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Crew For Offshore Supply Vessel Sept 2016

MARITIME JOBS - Need crew rank 2/O - 3/O - Able Seaman - 1/E - 2/E - 3/E - Cook - Bosun - Oiler - Cadet for offshore supply vessel vacancies on board September 2016.

If you interested please submit your application to apply available jobs with completed requirements below.
Second Officer - Third Officer - AB - First Engineer - Second Engineer - Third Engineer - Cook - Bosun -Oiler - Cadet Trainee 
$600 - $3500 per month 
Job duration
3 - 6 months 
Sailing area
Middle east 
  • 2 years experience minimum in same vessel  
  • Completed offshore marine document and valid all STCW 2010.
  • Able Speak English
  • Good knowledge
  • Fit medical check up
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Offshore supply vessel description
The vessel is designed specifically for the cargo transport and personnel from the platform or port between platforms. The size is between 65m to 350m.

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