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Recruitment For Chemical Tanker Ship

Master - C/E - C/O - 2/E - Electrician
$6000 - $12500 
Job duration
4 months 
Sailing area
  1. Experience minimum 2 years with same vessel.
  2. Completed document and valid STCW 2010.
  3. Good English.
  4. Fit medical check up.
Send CV to cv@united-ms.com

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Company Profile
UMS touched the water is young and perspective, which is specifically designed for the oil industry worldwide services, including crew and replaced. We have an extensive database of sailors Ukrainian, Georgian, Azerbaijani good experience.

Qualified officers and crew in our own database through STCW 95, specializing in English language and medically fit.

We offer the following to our customers:
1 finding, sorting and selection of the crew, checking references.
2. University database contains about 12,000 pre-screened, qualified staff assess properly and crew.
3 STCW certificates and documents inspection, management and control.
4 Visa, flags and paper and travel.
5. medical examination, including a drug / alcohol test, and blood.

If you need a qualified staff and crew of the ship for you, do not hesitate to contact us  www.united-ms.com
Recruitment For Chemical Tanker Ship
Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.
Available jobs it's free to crew candidate members related to their process and embarkation.

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