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Need Crew For Tugboat & Barge

Electrical engineer - Oiler
Job duration
Full time 
Sailing area
  1. Experience with same ranks minimum 1 years.
  2. Completed document and valid STCW 2010.
  3. Able speak English.
  4. Fit medical check up.
  5. Good knowledge.
Send CV to Jiwa@transoceanmaritime.com

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Company Profile
Transocean Marine was created transportation management company in 2011 by a professional who has a lot of experience in the line, such as tankers, dried goods, crowded and every car in Indonesia as well as in Asia Beach. It consists of our team of engineers and experienced leader who has the ability to manage vehicles from our office www.transoceanmaritime.com.

We are committed to providing high-quality services, focused on safe, reliable and efficient operation. Transocean has a marine a good relationship with the classification of a long partnership in action to improve performance, such as maritime communications department of the Republic of Indonesia to meet in monitoring compliance with the International Maritime Organization regulations.

In order to keep the boat and the performance of ISM code, observers technicians and port visits to have to move a regular basis. We do budget performance and presentation to clients monthly meetings to explain the deviation between the actual cost and budget. Often we scan time before the Charter or pre-purchase survey these conditions prior to the purchase of a boat. 

We are also crew management companies.
Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.
Available jobs it's free to crew candidate members related to their process and embarkation.
Need Crew For Tugboat & Barge

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