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3rd Engineer For Container Ship

3rd Engineer For Container Ship
SEAMAN JOB - Recruitment position 3rd engineer for container ship estimated join onboard A.S.A.P. If you interested please send cv for apply job with completed requirements below.
 3rd Engineer ( 3/E )
Job duration
10 months 
Sailing area
Ocean going 
  1. Holding COC ATT III /2008.
  2. Have experience at the same position min for 2 years on Ocean Going.
  3. Have knowledge Computer skill.
  4. Active in English.
  5. Have good as a team work.
  6. All certificates as STCW 1995 are valid and experience will be priority test. 
Send CV to crewingamas@amasnusa.com

Company Profile
PT. AMASNUSA Persada (AMAS) was co-founded by Galuh adorned Hanafi (slow) and Memet R Kusrin in 1988.

The company began work in the organization. In 1989, we appointed a joint representative to spasm, and Navigation (CNC) line, a Taiwan-based company. CNC line conducts business over the Internet in the main transport service and provides complete shipping box cover international markets. CNC ships calling the port to Indonesia next week. CMA CGM bought a manufacturing line of CNC in 2007, our Lau Sin in January 2009.

In 1992, AMAS for the first time be able to own a boat, MV. Caraka Jaya Nyagah third 7. When you get this ship companies, (industrial strategy Badan Pengembangan) BPIs Charter our boat until 1995 without any delay after the end BPIs our charter boat, PT. Interest Meratus line to our boat and our charter boat until next year.

AMAS is committed to maintaining excellent ships and reliable guarantees and customer expectations and exceeded. 

Visit www.amasnusa.com

In 2007 the company bought a fleet tanker, MT. AMAS Nusa our strength. Using oil HSD boat transfer, or both in Indonesia only.

AMAS also provide support in the cargo loading and activities in the port of Surabaya through her company, PT. Bandar Bahtera Persada, to ensure that customers get service quickly and efficiently.

In 2011 Amasnusa Persada Workers' Party has been taken over by a company or individual to achieve better fuel transportation companies.

AMAS Iscindo Utama (AIU) can cars. The Lautan Arafura trading area in 2000 and or Jakarta or Surabaya Timika.

2009, AMAS Iscindo Utama sale of MV. Lautan Arafura and the purchase of two ships MV. Flores and the Mediterranean Sea. Sea Sawu.

The two ships for PT Charter. Freeport Indonesia until 2021.

AMAS today owned offices in Jakarta, Surabaya and Timika.

When changes need solutions now. Structure to keep up with the latest trends and developments in the market, we have combined our emphasis to work properly we can solve response. But we do not try this at Lau Sin. Always on the move to maintain our competitiveness. He said we are always looking for innovative security services.

Vision and Mission

Our commitment to your logo

Vision: To become the best transportation company in the world.

the mission:

1 to achieve the leading all aspects of the transport company
2. To provide a solution and close working relationships with customers and institutions and governments for environmental business transfer.
3 to provide the skills and efficiency loyal and dedicated workforce to be working side by side with our clients to achieve their goals.
4. To conduct financial operations and increase revenues for shareholders.
5. doing business with the highest standards of ethical behavior and ensure compliance with laws and government can use rules and regulations.

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Only crew candidate who meet the requirements will be called for further process.

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