Top Question During Job Interview

Top Question During Job Interview
Job vacancies on ship actually very much but do not forget also that much jobless, therefore don't take the decision before work. If you see there is a lure vacancy on ship a lot of job with various member unknown, surely you already know if many as private as deceived by a broker with pay payment first.

The following will be given top question during job intervew and how to get a job on vessel good and right useful and there may benefit to you.

  • Please tell me about yourself?
  • Experience what do you got from work thou too?
  • Why do you out of a work previously?
  • Tell me office last of work you before, and duties and responsibilities what you do?
  • Why do you choose this job?Explain the advantages and disadvantages of yourself?
  • Do you know about our company?
  • What you know about a position you apply?
  • Can you work with many crews of several countries?
  • What do you expect to work for our company?

Work on a ship must be able to adjust the state of if you want to longtime work, the ship was like a house and one family all but should know your position as what there. 

If that little matter, you can makes we are sure you will it is nice and easy received team work on ships.

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