Third Engineer Vacancy June 2016

Third Engineer Vacancy June 2016
1. Tanker ship
 Third Engineer
 $2500 per month
Job duration
 6 months
Sailing area
 Middle east
  1.  Completed document and valid.
  2.  Good English.
  3.  Fit medical check up.
  4.  Prefer fresh graduation.
  5.  Join onboard A.S.A.P
Send CV to

Seatek Oil & Gas Ltd
2. Ro - Ro Vessel
 3rd Engineer
Job duration
 4 months
Sailing area
  1.  Good English.
  2. Experience with same rank.
  3. Fit medical test.
Send CV to

Address :

13 Alexandrias street
Limasool - Cyprus
Third Engineer Job Description
1. Set back equipment used to map, bar, ecdis a lamp, radar, VHF in channel prevailing port and etc.
2. Killing the lights navigation and gives life lighting decks and lighting gangway. 
3. Reported the ship to the chief officer and specific gravity if necessary.
4. Make and gave condition report to c/o and master.
5. Prepare a flag that required when to be at the port.
6. Prepare tides port and posted on deck office used to set their cords mooring       and gangway.
7. Prepare for carry out a process loading and unloading based on the directions of c/o.

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