Jobs For Cook June 2016

Marine Job For Cook June 2016
MARINE JOB - Seaman job vacancy need cook for cargo ship, cruise ship join date onboard mid-June 2016.

Note !! Jobs is available free no pay anything.

Before your apply please completed requirements vacancy, only crew meet requirement calling for interview.

1. Cargo ship
 $2000 per month
Job duration
 6 months
Sailing area
  1. Good English.
  2. Experience makes western food.
  3. Completed document for cook work at sea.
Send CV to

Address : Alpha Crew
Mukachevsky lane 6/1, office 3
Odessa - Ukraine.
2. Cruise Ship
 Asst. Cook
 $1500 per month
Job duration
 6 month
Sailing area
 Med sea
  1.  Able speak English.
  2. Experience work on cook.
  3. Medical fit test
Send CV to

Address : 
Mukachevsky lane 6/1, office 3 Bugskiy blvd, 15/1 54015
Nikolaev - Ukraine 

Cook Job Descriptions
1. Preparing and prepare for groceries according to the menu. 
2. Regulates storage of foodstuffs.  
3. Cook food in accordance with regard to menu nutritional value. 
4. Prepared , serving food and drink in the mess room officer and ratings.
5. Maintaining healthy mess room , recreation room and galley. 
6. Work as ordered by master or officers.

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