How to work on ship

How to work on ship

Working on the ship it was pretty easy actually if we understand how to make, this time we will explain how it for you to work on a ship.

The requirements, certificates must be completed to work on cruise ship is BST, SEAMAN BOOK, SSAT, CCM, PSCRB.

The requirements for a passenger ship, cargo , container certificates which have to be in have is BST, SEAMAN BOOK, PSCRB, MFA, AFF, CCM, COC for decks or engine department.

To work on board oil tanker, gas tanker, chemical tanker certificate should be supported is BST, PSCRB, MFA, AFF, SSAT, BOCT, BLGT, COC for decks or engine department.

Note !! If you were the ones picking a ship foreign documents and certificates have to be in added is like a passport, SDSD, yellow fever, MCU, etc depending on these policies every shipping company.

To get the certificate you must study marine course in your country.

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