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Employment Guidelines for AHTS Vessel

 Employment Guidelines for AHTS Vessel
Work in ahts vessel seaman must have a great monthly salary, but crew a ship also required to have knowledge and expertise good, if you want to work in ahts vessel or will do a job interview you should must have to know employment guidelines work in ahts vessel.

Following a guide work in ahts vessel you must know.
1. Anchor Buoy : Buoy with anchor
2. Anchor Handling Hook : Hook 
3. Number of anchor buoy : Calculated clockwise 
4. Hely deck as bow : Hely decks designating of the bow  
5. Anchor off the bottom : Anchor clear of the sea bottom 
6. Anchor on the stern roller : Anchor hangs behind ships stern roller 
7. Anchor on deck : The anchor on decks of a ship 
8. Anchor decked : Anchor on deck detained by sharjaw 
9. Sharjaw : Pin retaining anchor, buoy, pennant wire, pigtail chain 
10. Pennant wire : A wire who was contacted by between buoy and anchor 
11. Towing Pin : Pin retaining towing wire 
12. Towing wire : A wire that is used to towing a barge 
13. Work wire : A wire used for an anchor job
14. Work wire Drum : Drum on an anchor handling a winch 
15. Towing wire Drum : Drum on towing a winch 
16. Pigtail chain : chain of buoy with pennant wire 
17. Bow to bow:  Ship alongside on barge the turnaround with a bow of barges 
18. Bow to stern : Ship alongside stern parallel to the bow barges 
19. Crane barge : Crane barge equipped with eight anchor 
20. Tender barge : Crane barge equipped with eight anchor 
21. Jack up Rig : Rig furnished with three / four feet whose feet are deep sea and body or Jack up above sea level 
22. Bow leg: Forefoot rig 
23. Stern leg : Hind legs rig 
24. Bow rope : rope in mooring future rig bound  Forefoot rig
25. Stern rope : rope back rig bound to the foot for ship connective 
26. Buoy Cuther : rope wire with chain for forward buoy to decks of a ship 
27. Pelican Hook : hook to hold pennant wire 
28. PCC : Permanent chain chaiser to scratch chain lift anchor on the sea bottom 
39. Pick up wire : rope wire that joined in pennant wire to be raised by a crane that is in barge 
30. Craw on the bouy : pipe shaped a crossbar that it is above buoy that the point to raise buoy to decks

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