Seafarers job vacancies bulk carrier ship may 2016

Seafarers job vacancies bulk carrier ship may 2016
Seafarers Job - You are looking job on ship? the following info jobs at bulk carrier ship. Available starting rank from captain, chief officer, second officer, third officer, chief engineer, first engineer, able bodied seaman, ordinary seaman, bosun, cook, oiler, wiper, electrician and cadet.

Please submit your CV on the shipping companies or crewing marine agency in the following to the process of selection and job interview, only work seekers meet the requirements will be contacted by the shipping company.

This ship has specification transporting charge of the way puts by charge by means of pouring out / pour granules grain. Products of charge shaped of composed of different sorts. Based on the type of loading cargo a ship does bulk carrier divided into some groups grain carrier, one carrier, coal carrier, oil ore carrier, coal ore carrier.

Details info for seaman job vacancies at bulk carrier ship
Rank deck departement :
- Master - Chief officer - Second Officer - Third Officer - Cook - Bosun - AB - Ordinary seaman - Mess man.
Rank engine departement :
- Chief engineer - First engineer - Second engineer - Oiler - Electrian - Wiper - Oiler No 1

Requirements :
- All rank position completed document updating STCW 2010
- Experience work on ship
- Fit medical check up certificate
- Good english
- Salary negotiable
- Contract duration 6 - 10 months

Send your CV for applying this job on ship owner sentinel marine via email
Address : Ground floor navigator house 77 watetloo quay, aberdeen - United kingdom
Contact person : James buchan ( Crewing mnager )

Please share with you this info that beneficial for one who to look a job on the ship and dont forget to subscribe info jobs from real info for seaman NO SIGN UP, NO LOG IN

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