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Seaman Jobs Rank Fist Engineer April 2016

Seaman Jobs Rank Fist Engineer April 2016
SEAMAN JOBS - The following info seaman job vacancy, seafarer jobs, marine and maritime jobs rank first enggineer on board april 2016 for offshore vessel cruise ship oli tanker vessel lpg ship container ship. Requirements experience in rank on the same type vessel, holding valid document STCW 2010.

1. Cruise ship job
  • Rank : First engineer
  • Salary : $4500 per months
  • Trade area : Europe
  • Contract : 3 months
  • Crew ship : Mix
  • Ship types : Cruise ship
Send your CV for applying cruise jobs shipping company Burak Schiffahrts Gmbh & co. KG
Email : info@burakgmbh.com / www.burakgmbh.com
Address : Eckernforder land str 65 Flensburg - Germany
Contact person : Crewing manager ( huseyin arslan )

2. Offshore vessel job
  • Rank : 1/E
  • Salary :$5000
  • Trade area : North sea
  • Contract : 4 months
  • Crew ship : Mix
  • Ship types : Supply
Send your CV for applying this seaman job at BIMS Crewing Company
Email : cv@bims.lv / www.bims.lv

Address : Veru street 5 riga - Latvia
Contact person : Crewing manager

3.  Oil tanker jobs
  • Rank : First engineer
  • Salary : Negotiable
  • Trade area : Middel east
  • Contract : 6 months
  • Crew ship : Mix
  • Ship type : Tanker vessel
Send your CV for applying this job AGMS Shipping Company
Email : hr@agms-kw.com / www.agms-kw.com
Address : Al safat center, 5 th floor fahad al salem street Safat - Kuwait
Contact person : Crewing departement

First engineer job description
1.Ensure that an engine room at any time manned and log book an engine room filled.
2.Use a pen in hours that has been set.Error to be omitted and sign
3.Ensure that supplies and spare parts an engine room stored properly and easily taken.All the needs spare parts and supplies should be equipped with good and accurate by giving a description detailed, size, material needed, etc.
4.Ensure that all equipment and supplies held by the company be stored in a good and enough to meet the needs in doing repair work.
5.Ensure that machinery who are under its responsibility can be used and ready at a moment. Chief engineer always be informed about damage and necessary repairs, and of the damage.
6.Listed work crew a machine part, and make sure that treatment programs / repair scheduled and implemented well in the sea and in port.
7 .Plan and threw work crew a machine part , both in the sea and on port , and make sure that an engine room treated and painted in a state of clean and healthy.
8 .Record all repair and overhauling machine and administering register all repaired.
9 .Makes sure the machinist knows location equipment the extinguishing of fires an engine room and figure out how it works.
10 .Ensure that water filling a steam boiler are always carried out regularly and well and held log book for the purpose of the , and was conducted testing water stuffing directions of the factory.
11. Must be responsible directly to chief engineer on revenue all oil and fuel oil and ensure self that a valve that right opened for grades of certain oil.He must hold logs the contents of oil tankers  and fuel oil and gave it to chief engineer if asked.
12.Ensure that the machinist immediately changes clothes after the work and not justified  way on deck or accommodation with work clothes.
13.Ensure that a key the bedroom door machinist in hande over to when they stop duty and rooms in a state.
14.Check and conveying list inventory supplies and spare parts to a company every six months.

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